Self-Service BI

Infozone Self Service BI

Free your users to creative data analysis with Governed Self-Service BI.

Governed Self-Service

Here at Infozone, we understand the importance of keeping our client’s data-driven solutions on pace and even ahead of the accelerating tempo of the day to day business landscape. Businesses have a growing need to make data-driven decisions quickly and streamline processes to increase efficiency within their operations.

With Self-Service BI, business users are equipped with a simple and easy to use means to access, visualize, and analyze their data within a governed environment tailored to your business needs.

Self-Service BI subverts the need for a rigid environment with pre-created visualizations and allows users to develop their own data journey.

  • Is your bar chart visualizing sales by quarter not reflecting the granularity needed for analysis? Quickly update the chart to sales by week, or even create side by side visuals as required.
  • Is your table reflecting market share not an effect visual for your use case? Convert it to a Pie Chart instead. Governed Self Service allows users to customize their data insights.

Direct Access to Data

Another great feature of Self Service is the ability to administer your environment and user roles to the needs of your business. With the option to allow users to load data themselves, the need for technical expertise with long lead times on code updates and data refresh requests can be subverted.

Do you have a new data input but do not want to wait for technical implementation? Users can load data themselves into a dashboard and begin analysis quickly. This direct access creates a more data literate user base by giving your employees an easy to learn interface to communicate with data and advance their skillset, enabling painless cooperation between IT and your business.


Infozone Self-Service BI Design

Infozone utilizes its expertise in BI Design with the intuitive nature of Self-Service to perfect a BI Tool tailored to your business users:

Environment Customization

Flexible options are available to your business involving the scope of your Self-Service Design. Your business has the option to enable direct access to data modeling, allow sharing objects between users, having a hybrid Self-Service/Guided Analytics Tool, among other features. Infozone will listen and work with your business to create a Self-Service offering tailored to the needs of your business users.

Back End/Front End Design Optimization

Depending on the specifications of your Self-Service needs, we at Infozone utilize our design principles to create a solution that considers the reality of your data climate. Whether it is integrating existing infrastructure into a Self-Service interface or accommodating a wide user base with varying degrees of data experience, Infozone can blend design and Self-Service features to cultivate your insight potential.

Training and Education

One of the strongest components of Self-Service solutions is that users have more freedom than the fixed environment of a traditional BI Tool. Infozone will tailor your Self-Service tool to help your users learn the interface and navigate the nuances of its features to get the most of your data. For more information contact our BI consulting team.

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