About Infozone

We provide unique combinations of expertise in BI, Pharma and Design. We offer award winning UI/UX design dashboards along with robust back-end architecture that brings the picture to life.

"The major benefits are that we now have much higher visibility of our information. It allows us to act much faster and be more accurate."

John Thacker, Siemens Security Products

“The [design] you prepared is famous in the organization. Thanks for bringing creativity and simplicity together, helps in conveying the message across easily.”

Neeraj Goel Mittal, AbbVie

“The collaboration with Infozone worked very well. They were responsive, flexible and presented valuable solutions to us reflecting their expertise in handling large amounts of data. They also gave us useful advice throughout the process.”

Jan Gustavsson, Office Depot

“[The UX Audit] process went really well. Got direct feedback for where to focus on UI improvements. [Infozone] helped to hone in on focus areas where we were not performing well.”

Shane McCarroll, Head of Project and Portfolio Management Office

Why Infozone

We build the company that we would like to work with – we hope that you want this too.

We don't like to wait, we want to deliver results and real value. To wait is both expensive and boring. Let's do it!

There are many things that are complicated, we are not one of them. To work with and for us should at all times be a simple choice. With us there is no technobabble or hidden agendas. We speak clearly, open and honestly.

We dare to be proud of what we know and what we are good at. We are also open and honest with what we can't. We are open and share our knowledge and skills both internally as well as with customers and partners.

We are passionate about what we do. Therefore don't be surprised if you meet motivated and dedicated employees at Infozone.

Is there an alternative to having fun at work? Not for us, we work hard and at times it's challenging, but we do care about each other and enjoy working together.

Our experience and knowledge give us courage. We are humble but not afraid to think in new and different ways. We are not afraid to question both ourselves and the tools we are working with. This is our relentless effort to always improve.

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