Company Culture

We're always learning how to make Infozone the best place to work for all of us. Everyone has an essential role in our business development and your knowledge is our most significant resource and something we value and foster through mentorship and skills development.

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Infozone culture

Fun at work

Early in Career

Voices from our team

Anto Sagayaraj, BI Consultant
“With the expertise of our Infozone team, we are ready to tackle our customers’ data challenges”

Toby Baker, Sr BI Consultant
"At Infozone, we have the ability to have our ideas heard and implemented, no matter what role you’re in."

Nicole Abernethy, Sr BI Consultant
"Infozone was a very welcoming company to join. The team was very supportive from the beginning and really helped me transition into a new consulting role."

Christian Haro, BI Consultant
"The team here has your back, with an emphasis on communication and team work."

Company Values

We are passionate about what we do. Therefore don't be surprised if you meet motivated and dedicated employees at Infozone.

Action Oriented
We do not like to wait, we want to deliver results and real value. To wait is both expensive and boring. Let's do it!

Easy to work with
There are many things that are complicated, we are not one of them. To work with and for us should at all times be a simple choice. With us there is no technobabble or hidden agendas. We speak clearly, open and honestly.

We dare to be proud of what we know and what we are good at. We are also open and honest with what we can't. We are open and share our knowledge and skills both internally as well as with customers and partners.

Is there an alternative to having fun at work? Not for us, we work hard and at times it's challenging, but we do care about each other and enjoy working together.

Our experience and knowledge give us courage. We are humble but not afraid to think in new and different ways. We are not afraid to question both ourselves and the tools we are working with. This is our relentless effort to always improve.

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