Lync Conference 2014 offered few surprises

Last week, this year’s Lync Conference took place at the Aria Hotel & Resort in Las Vegas. Keynote focused on the fact that the future´s platform must be formed around the user, and not the other way around. From Infozone Anders Green and Stefan Forsberg were present to give us this report.

Apart from Lync revealing some insights about the future, there were very few other surprises.

The fact that Microsoft had a separate conference alongside TechEd showed not only Lync’s popularity, but also how Microsoft values ​​the community.

There were no expectations of any major news to be presented, but usually something always comes up.

The platform will be formed around the user, and not the other way around’

For Keynote spoke Gurdeep Singh Pall (Corporate Vice President for Skype and Lync, Microsoft) about how people shall evolve with the technology. Today’s young are born into and live with technology in a completely different way than previous generations.

To create an effective workplace, technology should be changed so that a new employee feels familiar with the way of working and the technology from day one. This platform must be formed around the user’s way of working, and not vice versa.

Microsoft’s commitment to not only deliver Lync to Windows devices but to ensure the same experience and functionality is also available for iOS, Android and Mac, was clearly shown. Today, Lync is available on 14 different devices.

More intelligence in Lync

It will be built with more and more intelligence in the communications platform. Among other things, you can expect that recent contacts shall follow, irrespective of what device or platform you use.

In the future it will be possible that devices can predict which contact we will most likely contact at the next opportunity, which will then end up at the top of the list.

News and expectations during Q1-Q2

  • Lync and Skype will offer video calls.
  • The tablet gets Android a Lync app.
  • Browser Support for the integration of audio and video.
  • Multiple function expansions in all mobile clients such as PowerPoint, iPhonePSTN and calls from Lync Online.
  • The aim and objective for Lync and Skype is that one billion people in the future will use Microsoft technology for Communication.
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