New collaboration strengthens QlikView offer

Infozone has entered into an agreement with Avone IT about a strategic collaboration for QlikView. Under this agreement, Infozone takes over all sales and development activities with QlikView as of March 17.


This collaboration means that Infozone strengthens its market position and takes a further step towards becoming a leading player in the Swedish QlikView market.


“This collaboration with Avone IT gives us at Infozone more points of contact out in the market, which is very positive. For Avone IT and their customers, this collaboration means that they have access to Infozone’s expertise and unique experience in delivering business intelligence solutions with a focus on customer benefits within many different areas and industries,” says Fredrik Ehnö, MD of Infozone Intelligence.

“We chose to enter into a collaboration with Infozone in order for us to fully focus on our ERP sales and development, where we are also strongly experiencing growth. The department that Infozone takes over is strongly gaining ground with several clients and a large number of speculators. We have great confidence in Infozone Intelligence after a thorough appraisal of what their company stands for and their employees’ competence,” says Björn Schwab, MD of Avone IT AB.

Infozone are experts in systems management, virtual infrastructure, systems development and decision support systems. With our customers and users at the center, we chose technologies, frameworks and methodologies based on the needs and the situation, in order to deliver customized, effective and robust IT systems with large business benefits. We are actively working to be a good partner who not only has talented employees, but is also easy to work with.

Avone IT is highly result-oriented on quality as well as being accommodating. Avone IT is committed to meet your company´s general and specific needs for a business system and the analysis work. The company is growing, has a healthy and inspired working environment, strong references and a high credit rating (AA).

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