The hunt for the best of BI-blogs

Some weeks ago we blogged about some tips for Business Intelligence podcasts. This time we are going to try to find the best Business Intelligence blogs to educate yourself, socialize with the BI-community or just keep up with what’s new. While the podcasts about BI are quite few and far between, the BI-blogs are numerous! So here, it is more like weeding out the bland blogs to find the most exciting ones.

Here are three sites worth checking out:

1. Occham’s Razor by Avinash Kaushik

This blog by the Digital Marketing Evangelist at Google centrers around web analytics, competitive intelligence and digital marketing. The blog posts are packed with facts about how to subjects like Best metrics for CI, Data visualization and Smart dashboards. Be aware of long posts! So don’t visit five minutes before your Al Desko lunch ends or you might miss an important meeting.

2. Smart Data Collective

This is one of those sites that you can call a blogg, many blogs a news site or something in between. Anyway, here you will find articles about Analytics, Big Data, Data Management and BI-software.

3. James Kobielus’

If Occham’s Razor had long posts this is the opposite. IBM Data Evangelist James Kobielus aggregate his Twitter-feed to weekly blog posts. (If you would want to follow him on Twitter directly instead, go here: )

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