Infozone – Champions of Business Intelligence!

Infozone works in several different business areas to provide complete solutions for your organization. One of the areas that we are experts in, both in Sweden and the US are solutions for Business Intelligence (BI). We would like to provide you and your organization with a better understanding of the importance of BI.

What is Business Intelligence (BI)?

There are several aspects of the concept of BI including helping organizations better understand their operations, providing better information to make the right strategic decisions and enable efficiency around analysis and reports. Here at Infozone, we believe that BI is a means of gathering and storing data, processing/ categorization, compiling and making data available, as well as presentation and analysis – what your organization demands for an efficient, sustainable and strategically correct decision-making process.


What can Infozone do?

The tools we use at Infozone enable us to build solutions for your organization. These include applications that efficiently collect your desired information to implement effective changes within your organization. Whether you are interested in information in the form of basic reports and dashboards including data from your ERP system, or other data sources that you use internally or externally in your organization, we will take care of it for you. Here at Infozone, we ensure Business Intelligence with a strong connection to your strategic goals.

No matter what industry your organization is within, we will provide you the ability to make the right decisions through solutions we create based on your needs for our products which include Qlik and Microsoft.

Let us help you make the most of your BI tools as we promise to provide efficient and practical solutions. Contact Infozone to set up a meeting regarding your organization’s BI solution.

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