Hultafors Group

Case study Hultafors Group

Hultafors Group consists of three product areas: work wear, hand tools and ladders and scaffolding. Hultafors Group offers a dynamic range of premium brands for distributors and craftsmen alike. Hultafors Group consists of some classic, well-known brands in Europe. Of course, they have the folding yardsticks, the most prominent brand within that segment, but also hammers and axes. They have the groundbreaking work clothing from Snickers Workwear and ladders from Wibe, all which all play a significant role in their respective market and are sold worldwide.

“All of our companies in different countries make it quite tricky to keep all of our information connected and get a clear picture of the development of the workplace. The challenge is to quickly get the statistics from the consolidations, including the margins so that we see what we earn. This is the foundation for the analysis of how the different products perform in the different markets, says Kerstin Solbu, Group Business Controller, Hultafors. To access the right kind of information and present it in a good way, Hultafors Group uses a business intelligence tool from QlikView which Infozone Intelligence has developed.”

“The big challenge is, of course, to analyze and then present the information in such a way that the most important details are quickly understood. It’s about finding important deviations and interesting trends that should be noted and when we may have to act one way or the other. Today, those who need to access the numbers can do so themselves using this tool, of course with different privileges when it comes to what information they can access. Currently, we have about 45 users, but the number continues to increase as new employee levels have access to this tool.”

Hultafors now has something called a dashboard at their disposal, a screen showing a picture of how things are within the company with clear markers for abnormalities. From this, it only takes a few clicks to get down to the article level to find deviations.

“The tool has not only given us new opportunities to minimize the number of erroneous conclusions, but also the opportunity to see what different possible scenarios could deliver. That’s a lot of baseline information for different analyses that would be impossible to get a picture of without this tool.”

“The response has generally been very positive, mainly because the tool is fast and efficient. People are taking to the system and trying to get what they can out of it, probably because it is so user-friendly and so easy to obtain useful information from.”

“The partnership with Infozone during the whole process worked very well. The main thing was that they understood the situation and were able to produce solutions that gave us just the information we sought out, sometimes presented in a way we never knew we needed until they came up with it for us. Infozone has a depth of experience that results in information that makes us effective, which is a good combination.”

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