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A Clear, Unified View of an Organization’s Sales Data Improves Performance at Every Level. A global pharmaceutical company was in the midst of transforming their sales organization by integrating multiple data sources across several brand teams. This initiative would empower their sales teams to be more proactive, efficient and effective. And it would give management a way to view the performance of their teams at a glance, in a timely fashion.


The company’s Senior Leader of Business Analytics was faced with the challenge of implementing a solution that worked across several major brands—brands that operated in different markets, with different metrics and highly disparate data. She also needed a solution that was simple, actionable and could work at all levels of her organization— from field reps to upper management.


One of the organization’s first steps was to implement QlikView. Before QlikView, there were dozens of spreadsheets with no simple way to process the data efficiently and no real overall governance. With QlikView in place, the company could begin to merge their data in ways that gave them a more precise and consistent picture of what was happening on the ground.

With the right information in hand, her organization’s reps could prep for sales calls quickly with the most up-to-date information. Critical measures such as retail and non-retail sales, comprehensive touchpoint data as well as other key performance metrics could be tracked, factored and reviewed at every level.

“The Infozone team provided the clarity necessary to organize, prioritize and visualize the data in ways that helped my team see opportunities more clearly. Infozone helps me be more strategic. I can look forward rather than being buried in the day-to-day.” /Senior Manager Business Analytics Solution – US Commercial IT


But even with QlikView in place, the complexity and disparity of all the data still posed significant challenges. Enter Infozone. The Infozone team specializes in helping organizations identify and present the most critical metrics and key drivers of success. Our experience and depth of understanding of QlikView allow us to help our clients to maximize its effectiveness.

The Infozone team worked with the client to reveal the gaps in how the data was consolidated and presented. Infozone’s industry and technical expertise were critical in working with the client’s business stakeholders to achieve genuine, workable solutions that were embraced across the organization.

The Infozone team listened carefully to actual users — salespeople, managers and business leaders — working with them to whiteboard ideas and prioritize goals.

Once the apps were deployed to the field, Infozone continued to work with the sales teams to introduce new measures and profile segments as they became available so the sales teams would always have the latest information they needed to be effective.

Infozone’s agile methodologies and dedicated consultants enabled new releases to be designed, developed, tested and released within just a few weeks.


While Infozone’s understanding of the pharmaceutical industry was particularly valuable, it was our ability to translate the client’s vision into a powerful visualization tool that truly made the difference.

“Infozone’s team has a great work ethic and cares about the customer — they’re true partners. Working with the Infozone team, I can now spend more time and focus on being more strategic and less tactical.”

Our solution applied simple, yet highly effective User Interface techniques to create a user experience that was easy to grasp and process. Case in point, the mobile app we developed saw 100% acceptance and usage in only five days. Contrast that with the adoption of only 20% for the traditional app developed by a competing consulting firm. The new Infozone designed app provides fast, personalized and easy access to territory and physician data on the go, during a sales rep’s day in the field. Infozone solutions literally put the power of data into people’s hands every day.

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