Sanofi case study

Today, business moves faster than ever and decision makers have to act quickly. New technology and data sources are making it possible to track and measure nearly every conceivable KPI.

But what good is access to information if it isn’t clear and actionable?

Executives need to see their data in new ways that allow them to be more proactive, decisive and efficient. Case in point: Mark Fleming is one such executive. He is the Senior Director of Field Force Automation for Sanofi. Mark runs all technology for the field, including CRM, field reporting, and Field Help Desk. He is ultimately responsible for sales teams’ effectiveness with the tools they have.

“Timely, accurate and actionable data visualization tools that can simplify disparate information are vital to staying ahead of the curve.” Mark Fleming – Senior Director of Field Force Automation, Sanofi

Before Infozone, it was difficult to see the data through a single lens. Sanofi’s Field Coaching Report (FCR) is a critical tool for helping their sales team improve performance. The report provides a gauge on how effective sales managers and sales reps are at giving and receiving coaching in the field. With thousands of reps, getting a quick read on teams and individuals just wasn’t possible. The main issue Mark faced was that people weren’t using the application.

“Our FCR was not giving people the information they needed. People had to drill down to get anything of real value from the FCR. Most people would export the report to an Excel spreadsheet to glean insights which were too arduous and time-consuming.”


With Infozone in place, tracking performance became far easier. Now, every time a District Sales Manager rides with a sales rep, they enter coaching information into the FCR. This information is then refreshed and displayed in the Infozone dashboard daily.

This gives Sanofi’s Regional Sales Manager a much clearer view of which teams are most effective-letting them drill down to the actual coaching event for specific ratings, comments, and feedback. Today, Regional Sales Managers can quickly evaluate the quality of coaching across all of their District Sales Managers. What’s more, they can develop specific performance measures that can be visualized via the FCR dashboard.

“Before the new report, it took about 10 minutes to find what you were looking for, and now it takes10-30 seconds.”

Report utilization was around 10% and is now nearly 100%. The Infozone team worked closely with Sanofi, whiteboarding solutions, identifying the data that will make this key initiative more accessible and ultimately more successful. Infozone listens carefully to the needs of business leaders such as Mark, to help them make better sense of data and visualize it in ways that help make data relevant, accessible and actionable.

Download case study: case-study-sanofi

“Shima Auzins and the Infozone User Experience team re-designed the FCR dashboard so our people could quickly make sense of key metrics at first glance. The thought process Shima and her team bring to the User Experience and User Interface is highly specialized and unique. Our VP of Sales loves the report. It provides three levels of leadership a quick snapshot of how the organization is performing.”

Mark Fleming

Senior Director of Field Force Automation

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