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Siemens Security Products Case Study

John Thacker is the Quality & Support Services Manager for Siemens Security Products with headquarters in Solna, Sweden. This unit of Siemens is known for its innovative security solutions in areas like access control, integrated security systems, video surveillance and alarms, including both hardware and software.

Responsible for quality and support services, John and his team were given the task to streamline business solutions, reporting, and finding solutions that enable the content of the business systems to be easily accessible and user-friendly. John decided on a QlikView solution because getting sales figures from the current business system was very complicated and time-consuming.

The first step in this QlikView solution was an application for sales analysis. In total, about 2,300 different products were distributed over the product areas access control, integrated security systems, and video surveillance.

The second step was a “logistics cockpit,” an application that provides a comprehensive overview of the logistical situation. It shows the inventory levels and gives a forecast of expected sales. An essential part of this feature is that you early on can see which products are outside the expected; for example abnormally high or low inventory levels.


Comments from John Thacker at Siemens Security Products reflecting on the QlikView solution: 

“Previously we worked with complex Excel spreadsheets where we got the numbers from the system once a month. Today the numbers are delivered in real time.”

“The major benefit of the QlikView solution is that we get higher visibility of the information. Instead of looking through Excel spreadsheets a month later for abnormalities, we have the opportunity to see deviations and warning signals immediately. We can see it at the product level, geographic level, customer level and we can follow how the margins develop. This gives us the opportunity to act much faster and be more efficient.”

“The partnership with Infozone has been fantastic. They are easy to work with, even for a large and complex organization as ours with a variety of requirements on procedures and system demands. Infozone was extremely flexible and resolved problems as they appeared. They quickly noticed what we needed and supplied us with good solutions.”

Download case study: case-study-siemens

“We now have easy access to all of our numbers that we can analyze to obtain critical business information. We can then present it in an educational way and everything is happening in real time. An extra bonus is that we can decrease the number of expensive business system licenses because QlikView solves a lot of the employees’ needs at a significantly lower cost.”

John Thacker

Quality & Support Services Manager for Siemens Security Products

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