Sales Analysis

For an enterprise organization, analyzing sales data compared to multiple benchmarks could be a huge challenge. It’s crucial to gain insight into the sales progression throughout the year to meet the annual goals. This Sales Analysis application was designed for a global company to analyze their sales data for their regional sales operations team. The application flows from giving the team an overview of the current sales in comparison to projected, plan, forecast and previous year and then diving deep into the sales numbers segmented by products, departments, reps and customers.

The report feature gives users the ability to go into the granularity of the data by creating customized reports based on their selections. In spite of the breadth and depth of the data, the application is designed for users to quickly access not only the high-level aspect of the data, but also achieve deeper levels of analysis about trends and outliers. The application was designed for tablet use but could easily be scalable for desktop use as well.

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