Visualization Effectiveness

As much excitement as data brings to users, data visualization should do the same. Traditional visualization charts don’t cut it anymore, especially relating to dashboards. New UI trends and data visualizations are popping up and raising the bar for more vibrant visual solutions. Create a new level of excitement for your users by applying suitable charts and graphs to bring more out of their data.

These dashboards show a company’s detailed sales progress and compare it to target numbers. Will they make the year-end goal? Are they at the right pace to achieve the yearly goal? The dashboards show time elapsed in a year vs sales-to-date to track how sales are pacing toward yearly objectives. This gives the comparison of YTD actual vs goal, and by taking the data and turning it into a visually compelling design it’s easy to see the progress. This was done in an out-of-box Qlik Sense environment with the use of dynamic extensions.


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