Mashup / Analytics Platform

Extend Qlik functionality and design to websites with our Mashup on the Analytics Platform.

Mashups with Qlik Sense

Qlik Analytics Platform allows us to build, embed and integrate engaging and beautiful visual analytics for any device and app on a single platform. Mashups combine Qlik Sense with web development capabilities by utilizing the Qlik Sense API to create visualizations while still benefitting from the Qlik associative functionality to a webpage. Mashups are dynamic and provide additional flexibility to Qlik Sense with both design and function.

Qlik Analytics Platform uses a modern analytics development environment to create and reuse data models, security configurations and visualizations to speed up the time to market. It offers complete control over how objects and data are being pulled to ensure optimal efficiency and performance.

Qlik Analytics Platform is flexible and covers a wide spectrum of analytics use cases from dashboards and reports to custom analytical apps. The result is an unmatched visual and interactive experience allowing users to see and explore more in their data.




For example, the Infozone team recently created a mashup based on Qlik Sense to give Pharmaceutical sales forces a dynamic tool tailored to the individual usage of the web application for mobile use.

The solution utilizes Javascript and HTML to extend functionalities that we otherwise could not provide alone in Qlik Sense. Based on the user login access security, we created a dynamic HTML page that determines which data, pages, and page layout a user can see. For example, a national level sales manager might have access to all pages and data, whereas a territory sales rep would see data reduced to the territory level.

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