Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence (BI) is a concept involving technology, applications, processes and methods and analyzation to understand your business better.  At Infozone, we actively work with several different business areas to offer you optimal expertise. One of these areas includes Business Intelligence. No matter the industry, we can deliver effective BI for all organizations.

We deliver responsible Business Intelligence to our clients, from data collection and data quality strategies to strategic anchored BI, implementation and management support. Our team is easy to work with and focused on providing value to our clients – we offer better BI by Design.



  • The organization must be able to rely on the available information, and data quality is a crucial factor. At Infozone, we have the knowledge and the tools to efficiently and effectively secure this.
  • Analyses and reports should have a clear connection to the organization´s strategies and goals. We can help you find the right approach through our established methods and workshops.
  • Infozone provides an educational and agile development process for analysis and customized applications. We educate and coach clients to not only simplify implementation but also to establish a good foundation for effective, vibrant and valuable management for years to come.
  • We will provide the needed expertise and collaborate to help you make informed decisions. Let us work together to enhance your Business Intelligence.

Infozone BI Services

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