Cloud Services

Let us be your long-term partner when it comes to public and hybrid cloud services. With our expertise, we help you use Azure and AWS effectively.

What are cloud services?

There has long been talk of Cloud Services, but what does it really mean? A cloud service is an IT service that is delivered over the internet, it can be anything from a ready-made service such as Microsoft 365 to a self-developed application that runs on a server in the cloud.

When talking about cloud computing, we often hear about three types of solutions: public, private and hybrid. With the public cloud such as AWS, Azure and Google Cloud, you get data services over the secured internet connection where you as a company lease capacity and space. A private cloud can be physically present on your own premises or with an external supplier, but where the infrastructure is used exclusively by your company. Costs and responsibility for personnel, handling and maintenance are handled by the company itself. A hybrid cloud service is a combination of both the private and the public cloud where organizations can choose to keep sensitive data and applications on their own servers whereas other data can reside on the cloud.

How we can help on your cloud journey:

Moving your IT to a public cloud at Azure or AWS provides increased flexibility, lower costs, increased availability, and better conditions for developing your solutions.

You probably have many questions about what the cloud can provide: what should be moved, how is the organization affected, how is it done safely, will it be cost-effective, must the applications must be adapted before moving, and so on.

The fact that both Azure and AWS together offer over 300,000 services certainly does not make the questions any less. With us as a cloud partner, you get answers to all your questions. We help you move your applications to the cloud, and we optimize the cloud so that it is used correctly based on your needs. We combine technical expertise in both Azure and AWS with a strategic focus through financial calculations, priorities, processes and how the culture needs to change to succeed with your IT in the cloud.

Managed Cloud Services

We help you with planning, migration, modernization, and management of your applications on your choice of cloud solution.


Infozone helps you plan your migration of applications and data for a successful outcome. We evaluate your current solution, make suggestions on what should be prioritized and how a migration should take place. Our work includes, among other things, financial calculations, definition of requirements for security, determining key figures, risk analysis and investigation of how the organization may need to change.


We perform migrations of your applications and data in a cost-effective and secure way. For example, identity management, standardization of configurations, network management and security optimization are included as important parts. Infozone's extensive experience with a framework based on agile principles and our certified specialists means that we can handle the most complicated migration projects.


To harness the capabilities of the cloud and create the leading data-driven services of the future, organizations need to modernize their applications. We help you evaluate different alternatives and carry out a modernization of your applications in an efficient way. By using cloud providers' databases, containers and serverless, we can be your long-term partner in modernization.


Let Infozone manage your applications in the cloud so you can focus on developing new innovative applications that make your organization a leader. We handle updates / upgrades and ensure that your environment is safe and cost-effective. Together, we agree on which times your environment needs monitoring, and our certified technicians are available according to the agreed SLA to handle any problems.

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