Data Management

TimeXtender's integrated data management platform allows businesses to make superior business decisions without sacrificing compliance and governance in their data infrastructure.

The Modern Data Estate

TimeXtender data management platform

Your organization has decided to build or modernize a data estate for analytics and AI, and you want to accomplish this in shortest possible timeframe. TimeXtender can help you get there 10x faster than with traditional methods:

  • Easy data integration
  • Automated code generation
  • Automate and Optimize Data Loading
  • Manage and Transfer Data Between Multiple Environments

No-code Simplicity

Data projects typically require large, highly skilled teams and months of development because of the tedious, time-consuming nature of coding by hand – the old way to build a data warehouse. See how TimeXtender accelerates, simplifies and automates data modeling, integration, extraction, cleansing, loading, and documentation using low-code/no-code development patterns and functionality.

Future-Proof Your Data Estate

Scaling your data platform for analytics, or even just upgrading to the latest release, can be a challenging process for many organizations. TimeXtender helps future-proof your analytics data on Microsoft platforms by allowing you to change data platforms without rewriting data pipelines.

With TimeXtender’s integrated data management platform we can help you access the information you need from multiple data sources simultaneously. Contact us today to learn more.

Future-Proof Your Data Estate with TimeXtender

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