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With solid experience delivering Business Intelligence solutions to major global pharmaceutical companies as well as small start-up pharma organizations, Infozone has the capability and industry knowledge to ensure a successful deployment. By applying our unique design concepts, Infozone delivers Pharma Intelligence dashboards that enable users to make educated data-driven decisions which improve field activities to maximize sales results.

Commercial Operations

Pharmaceutical sales force effectiveness is dependent on quick, efficient access to the right information at the right time, and in the right place. At Infozone, we are experts at designing, developing, and delivering Business Intelligence solutions for Commercial Pharma Operations.



   Marketing ROI

As your marketing efforts grow and evolve, it becomes increasingly important to analyze your results and ensure you have a positive return on your investment. By bringing all of your data into your BI solution, you can ask: Are we spending our funds in the right places?

  Account and Physician Profile

Knowing your customers and understanding their needs are keys to gaining their trust and business. Providing a clear view of customer demographics allows your team to be more efficient at pre-call planning when multiple people are targeting the same customer.

  Field Force Effectiveness

Every sales organization defines effectiveness in a different way with common goals, sales and customer gains. Questions to consider when measuring Field Force Effectiveness: Overcalling on non-targets? Too many samples? Territories defined accurately?

  Industry Focused Design

Infozone provides meaningful dashboards using our “Dashboard Five Second Rule™”. Our design team starts with a dashboard design workshop with business users and creates mockups to communicate complex Pharma data effectively through visualization.

  Patient Journey

We enable users to make educated data-driven decisions throughout the Patient Journey from patient activation to treatment outcome. Decision makers will realize how actions in one area of the patient journey will affect others.

  Call Plan Attainment

Knowing your team is successfully executing the plan is a vital part of your business. We can help by providing actionable information that allows you to monitor your teams’ compliance and coach them along the way.

Pharma Intelligence in Qlik

No more multiple dashboards. No more hopping between CRM, ERP, and other systems. Qlik’s governed platform ties it all together and puts the power of data directly into your workflow. With their technology and our deep expertise, we enable your entire team to uncover business-changing insights.

Infozone has successfully delivered the following types of Qlik analysis for pharma:

  • Business Requirements Gathering Workshops, Full UI/UX Design, Development, and Implementation of Qlik solutions for the sales force.
  • Marketing ROI analysis and Commercial Sales Analysis including TRx/NRx, Plan Plans, Call Activity, Geography Benchmarking and Prescriber Analysis.
  • Mobile optimized UI/UX design and quick look-up pages for the sales force on the road.
  • Customized design to fully utilize Qlik Sense functionalities, Extensions and Mashups.
  • Qlik Best Practice review of existing applications and making recommendations for optimization.
  • High-level design and architecture for a major initiative to develop and deploy Qlik sales force analysis to over 5,000 users.

Qlik Specialization Certified

Infozone has fulfilled Qlik’s requirements and is certified for Pharmaceutical & Biotech specialization. The Qlik Specialization Program is a requirement of the Qlik Partner Program which builds a foundation of growth for Qlik Partners in all global markets. A Specialization is a designation from Qlik highlighting that a Partner’s organization has fulfilled the technical and educational requirements for a specific technology, industry or function.

Specialization(s) distinguish Partners as having demonstrated the highest level of competency offered by the Qlik Partner Program.

Case Studies


Sanofi faced poor use and adoption of Field Coaching Report (FCR) for training and development. Infozone developed a QlikView application to include ride-along coaching input. The result was real time coaching information, improved user adoption of FCR, and visibility into correlation between coaching and performance. Application benefits:

  • Improved sales performance
  • Lower time to value for sales training/productivity
  • Enhanced ROI for coaching and development
  • More engaged sales and sales management

To find out more about Infozone’s dashboard solution for Sanofi read the complete case study here.

Sanofi case study

“The Infozone User Experience team re-designed the FCR dashboard so our people could quickly make sense of key metrics at first glance. The thought process Shima and her team bring to the User Experience and User Interface is highly specialized and unique. Our VP of Sales loves the report. It provides three levels of leadership and a quick snapshot of how the organization is performing.”  – Mark Fleming, Senior Director of Field Force Automation at Sanofi.

Global Pharma Company

Another recent case study is about a Global Pharma Company that was dealing with complex and disparate data. Infozone applied its DAR principles to create a highly effective Qlik application across all brands. This resulted in a 100% acceptance rate of the Qlik mobile application. Additional benefits were:

  • Data model that harmonizes pharma sales data across brands
  • Rapid insight to territory and physician data
  • Consistent look and feel improves adoption of application reports

Learn how Infozone translated the client’s vision into a powerful dashboard here.

Pharma case study

“The Infozone team provided the clarity necessary to organize, prioritize and visualize the data in ways that helped my team see opportunities more clearly. Infozone helps me be more strategic. I can look forward rather than being buried in the day-to-day.” – Senior Manager Business Analytics Solution – US Commercial IT


Contact Infozone today for more information regarding the right pharmaceutical analytics solution for your organization. We promise to deliver effective results that will have a lasting impact on your business.

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