Self-Service BI

Infozone Self Service BI

With Self-Service BI from Infozone, you can easily distribute and create an analysis for effective BI.

Self-Service BI

Here at Infozone, we provide our clients the opportunity to easily manage and access all the data they wish to see. Self-Service BI equips clients with a simple means to distribute, analyze and create reports to strengthen decision-making within organizations. We will build the right tools to cost-effectively and easily deploy Self-Service BI in your organization.

We have observed from our clients the growing need to make data-driven decisions quickly, as many are looking into how they can streamline decisions to increase efficiency within their operations. The right BI solution has the potential to increase business and create value for your organization. Infozone’s self-service BI solutions will integrate intelligence throughout your business. Long lead times will be a thing of the past, and you will no longer face inefficient and costly data warehouse projects. Our solutions and methodology create a simpler and clearer cooperation between IT and your business.

Our Self-Service BI offer consist of three components:

  • Data layering through Data Warehouse Automation; Our modern data warehouse solution, TimeXtender is an application featuring smart functions and automation which enables an extremely agile development and management of data warehouses. The creation of a Discovery Hub™ enables you to provide data to the business.
  • End User Tools; with the decision-making support tools, Qlik and Power BI, we offer our customers the best analysis and reporting tools that the market offers.
  • Method; with our proprietary methodology, we tie together the above tools with your internal organization and processes to ensure that you effectively and easily implement Self-Service BI in your organization.


Follow us into the future and enhance your business with Self-Service BI. We promise you simplification and efficiency. Don´t wait, contact Infozone today for more information regarding the right solution for you.

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