ZenOptics provides direct access to all analytics assets, including reports, spreadsheets, applications, and data from across the enterprise. The ZenOptics platform is designed to enable productivity, collaboration, and manageability through increased discoverability, composability and scaling of analytics.

All Analytics Assets in One Place

ZenOptics helps organizations maximize the value of their analytics investments by increasing usage and improving consumability for a broader population of analytics consumers. Our analytics catalog simplifies the discovery of analytics assets from across the entire analytics ecosystem. We empower leaders to compose and share analytic flows using fit-for-purpose tools with appropriate governance. Personalized dashboards enable teams to mine intelligence, align analytics work with business objectives, and better assess, optimize, and scale the impact of analytics.


ZenOptics for Analytics Consumers

Designed for an intuitive user experience, ZenOptics simplifies the discovery and access of analytics assets:

  • Holistic enterprise search, regardless of underlying source system
  • Custom, sharable analytics workflows deployed with one click
  • Personalized dashboard for quick access to frequently used assets
  • Certified reports for governance of analytics assets
  • Discoverability of related assets with the BI Glossary
  • AI-Driven recommendations
  • Collaboration features

ZenOptics for Enterprise IT and BI/Analytics Teams

ZenOptics helps IT and Analytics COE teams better understand, monitor, and manage the components of the analytics ecosystem:

  • Secure sign-on
  • Automated metadata and intuitive categorization structure to support analytics consumers
  • Understand cross-platform assets utilization with Report Usage Statistics
  • Identify duplicate reports across multiple systems
  • Reveal outdated or unused reports for retirement
  • Assess tool utilization for license optimization with the TCO Dashboard


How Does ZenOptics Work?

With an extensive set of smart connectors that quickly and seamlessly integrate with the existing source systems in your analytics ecosystem, ZenOptics delivers a single place for analytics consumers to interact with all your analytics assets. The result is an environment that provides a complete picture of all your enterprise information, in an easy-to-access, personalized experience.

Infozone and ZenOptics are strategic partners with the mission of advancing the value of analytics within organizations. Contact us to learn more how Infozone and ZenOptics can provide a single interface for all your analytics assets.

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